Mid-WestChester OBGYN


In order to avoid the complications of hospital admission, the extensive paper work, the wasted time, and the exorbitant expense of hospitalization, we have, for your convenience, our own “in office” patient friendly, operating room with local and general anesthesia.

We have in our office an ultrasound, a colposcope, and a hysteroscope to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

  • With these instruments we are able to perform: 
  • Cervical, vaginal and vulvar biopsies 
  • Cryosurgery 
  • LEEP procedures 
  • Removal of vulvar and vaginal lesions 
  • Endometrial biopsies 
  • Uterine ablation 
  • Uterine polyp removal 
  • Insertion of ESSURE
  • Vaginal and Vulvar reconstructive procedures
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